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Exclusive High-End Stock Music

For Broadcast, Film and Corporate Communications
Tracks start at $25

Affordable Production Music

Competitive Pricing

Tiered for every kind of user.
Extraordinary values for
music of this quality.

Exclusive Production Music


Pre-cleared for all usages worldwide. We control the digital rights. No hassles from YouTube

Huge Selection

Huge Selection

Thousands of production music cues, constantly updated and exclusive to the Organic Music Library

Downoad Instanly

Download Instantly

Get it now.Immediate production music licensing. Free demos, zero hassles.

Exceptional Deals on Blanket Licenses

Immediate, unlimited access to our entire catalog whenever you need music.

Unlimited Production Music Storage

Save your favorite music in project folders and share immediately with clients and co-workers.

Free Search and Music Supervision

Our expert crew of production music geeks will be happy to suggest the best cues for your needs.

Constantly Expanding Catalog

New cues added daily from our multi-national award winning composers.

Free Stock Music Demos

Need to try your music before buying? We will send you the demo track for free.

We take the hassle out of finding
quality production music

The Organic Music Library is a music library provides superior, pre-cleared, production music licensing for film, television, corporate communications and all broadcasting formats.

Dealing with the Organic Music Library is a pleasure. You'll have fun searching through intelligently organized stock music cues, all of which are terrific. There is no filler music here and you'll be treated with old school service and respect from people who actually know music and value your business.

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