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I am not a Writer and you are not a Composer

Today we are cheerleading for musical traditions: melody, harmony, structure, phrasing etc.; concepts that seem to be heading for the cultural La Brea Tar Pits. Along with millions of other sentient beings (household pets included), we may go insane if … Continue reading

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Racing To The Bottom with a Superfast Jellyfish (part 1)

In 1921, White Castle introduced the concept of fast food (and recurring heartburn). Their idea was to make food, as it were, quickly accessible, affordable and consistent. McDonald’s followed in 1948 with the first assembly-line system for food preparation. The … Continue reading

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Caution:Toxic Music Ahead or Sun Ra Wasn’t So Crazy After All

Years ago, Sun Ra, the Avante-Garde jazz composer and generally odd duck, said something to the effect of  “The reason the world is in such bad shape is because people are putting so much lousy music out into the ether”. … Continue reading

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