Dan Fogelberg is Dead?

We were having one of those “Whatever happened to…” conversations when the name of Dan Fogelberg came up. He was a favorite from the halcyon days of the ’70′s and frankly I really liked him (this is Peter speaking, Phil may have felt otherwise; he likes hockey).  This was a great, if a bit overblown cut, Nether Lands

I did a quick Google Search and realized he has been dead for four years.

Wait, Dan Fogelberg is dead?

Wow-cognitive dissonance on steroids. It somehow doesn’t register. It got me thinking about some other softer rock entities from my younger days that connect in my mind in some idiosyncratic way, and whether or not they have left this mortal coil. Searching further, I found some really sucky information.

England Dan and John Ford Coley

Wow- England Dan is gone too. Herein singing the fabulous (and harmonically adventurous) Todd Rundgren tune “Love is The Answer” (Tell that to Michelle Bachman, sorry couldn’t help it)


Damn. Dan Peek is no more. I loved these guys; the melodic kings of the major 9 chord. Sigh. Do we dare to continue?

Seals & Crofts

Mercifully, they are both well. Unfortunately, they don’t play together any more.  Trivia Note. England Dan was the brother of Jim Seals.

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

These cats must have been fun to hang with. The main guys are still around, the rhythm section is dead (in a literal sense, they grooved pretty well back in the day).  “Please Mrs. Avery…..

The great music of the seventies will never die. There’s always a need for melody and structured songs. Following is some relevant music from the OML. We keep traditions of quality alive:

Kim Simpson: The Beautiful Road

Chris Paul: Morning Motion

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