When The Eye Of The Tiger Needs Glasses; The Other Side of Sports Production Music.

Sports, competition, games. We love getting psyched, cheering, wearing stupid team jerseys, drinking beer, and eating too many Fritos. Those of us who use production music to underscore and highlight sporting events sometimes neglect to consider the human interest side of this spectacle, which is easy to do when one is preoccupied watching a 320 lb human Daisy Cutter sack a helpless, starlet-dating quarterback.

Driving rock, and intense Electro or Hip Hop always seem to translate for playmaking, but editing a package on D’Brickashaw waxing poetic about getting beaten up as a kid, or Tebow finally screwing it all up and becoming a personal disappointment to The Almighty can require a different musical tone.

Consider production music like the following cues for those darker moments when victory seems but a distant dream and the steroid test comes back positive. Insert music like this for the narrative about the young boy who made it to the NBA even though he grew up so poor in Albania that he had to use an old tricycle tire for a basketball while his grandmother stood on chicken crates, her arms formed into a hoop, so that he could shoot baskets – a practice, incidentally, that often broke Babushka’s nose and completely eliminated the only three teeth she had left.

Listen to these Examples:

Out Manned, Out Weighed, Out Gunned:
The underdogs facing certain defeat. That sombre moment when the entire team realizes they’re wearing teal and Pro Keds while their opponents look like a Russian Special Forces division.
Production Music Example

Battered, Beaten, and trying to get off the Disabled List:
Your guy is messed up, but he’s trying, except that there’s no Rocky moment in his future. More than likely it’s to be an endless parade of visits to the Orthopedist, an ACL resembling Swiss Cheese, and a pain killer addiction that makes Keith Richards look like Nancy Reagan
Production Music Example

The Aftermath:
The game is over-you lost big time. The fans are outside turning over cars, the showers are dry, the lights in the arena are all going dark, The Zamboni has been drinking, and Hal, the Janitor, takes one last look at the rink before he turns off the light and heads home to a warm Ballantine Ale.
Production Music Example

The Achiever:
He or She did it in spite of their wretched upbringing and questionable parentage. Reach for the hanky, because even tough guys like to cry imagining that they too might have been a contender instead of a bum which is what they most likely are.
Production Music Example

The Warrior:
His middle name is Thor, has a pet Wolf, hair down to his tailbone, and thinks of himself as a Viking, even though he’s from New Jersey.
Production Music Example 

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