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I Don't Talk to No Media
I'm way to cool to be bothered by your questions. Now let me put my Beats back on and check out this dark aggressive hip-hop track perfect for sports or crime dramas.
Black Kashmere
Building Dr. Dre style hip-hop with string parts reminiscent of something from Houses of the Holy. Your viewers with subwoofers will love this one.
I'm Badass Yo
Hard urban beat with Alt Rock guitar leads. You'll be torn between your skateboard and your 9.
Sex U Down
Sophisticated medium hip-hop with a neo-soul vibe.
Found It
Dangerous and Tense Hip Hop.
Love Soulquarian Style
Medium groove, sexy, neo-soul hip-hop. This track can add vibe, mood and sophistication to any scene.
See Me Coming
Angry and Aggressive Hip Hop.
Stacy Know Some Models
Medium aggressive hip-hop with a sense of urgency.
Lookin' Good in UnderArmour
My biceps my pecks and my abs all protrude from this sweat absorbent sports undergarment. Now let me terrorize any corner that dares to compete with me. For I am an energetic, horn-driven, hip-hop cue that goes well with any Cam Ward celebration.
The Clouds
Aggressive Urban track with a dangerous side.
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