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Quiet Contemplation
Chris knows how to do the warm & fuzzy thing. Slow and gentle pop ballad featuring acoustic guitar and cello. This will work well for extreme nurturing.
Hello In There
Emotional Ballad to underscore your contemporary angst. Social media misfires, poor fashion sense, that new girl Gilda doesn't want to know you.
Huge Emotional Achievements
Big Rock Ballad with an Uplifting and Proud quality. Somewhat sentimental, this track will work for ceremonial & retrospective purposes as well as Inspiring the troops and bringing a tear to the eye of whomever you choose. Enjoy this power we give you.
From Me To You
Slow and melodic ballad featuring classic guitar. Admit it, you're thinking about your first love. With a sweet and nurturing tone, there is an overall natural and heartwarming aspect to the cut. Nifty flute solo enters midway through the tune.
This is a building, epic, ballad with a 6/8 feel. You are going to soar when this one gets going. Ethereal, triumphant, and very dynamic, with lots of peaks and valleys. Go ahead and feel free to aspire to something better in life.
Caring Heart
Moving acoustic guitar that tugs on the heart strings. Nice acoustic piano, fretless bass and gentle percussion accompaniment. Warm and intimate, this is ideal nurturing promo material or effective gentle outdoor underscore.
Peaceful acoustic guitar with a contemplative quality over controlled rhythm section.
Feel The Love
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Over the top emotional power rock anthem featuring soaring guitar. Perfect for those "I love you man" moments. This is big and overpowering stuff that can work well in a variety of dramatic situations or, paradoxically, for humorous romantic situations.
Violet Rae
Can you feel the Love? Well we sure can. Gentle and easygoing pop ballad featuring guitar and electric piano over a relaxed groove. This one fades out, but it's so sweet and tender that we've made an exception for it. Ahh romance.
Epic Love Waltz
This one sounds like a fictional Bryan Adams hit from the late Eighties with a touch of Euro Pop. Enjoy the ginormous, swaying 6/8 groove, wave your lighter around, and sing along to the words no one knows.
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