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Take The Eleven O'Clock
Dark, Edgy, Tense, Pulsing and Rhythmic Underscore that sounds like a perfect Prime Time Crime Drama cue.
Eye Of Newt
Swirling, Epic, Creepy Cinematica. Walt Disney and Pixar converge upon unsuspecting children with amorphous pseudo anime creatures and Happy Meal sales go through the roof.
Fear Will Come To You
Building, Creepy Orchestral Underscore. "It Breathes, It Moves, It's Alive I tell You-ALIVE!!!!" Don't get too close to this cue; it may eat you.
Huge, Epic, Scary Orchestral Cinematic Cue Ala Harry Potter. Ghouls, Goblins, Halloween, Bats in The Belfry, Belfries, come to think of it.
Bach And His Scary Organ
Dude, that is one scary organ you got there. A Massive Pipe Organ with a Toccata and Fugue thing going on. Creepy stuff, Death, Dark happenings in the pulpit etc.
Do Fear The Reaper
Really creepy processed cello doing all kinds of horrifying things. EEEK!
Tension With Strings
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Set (all Mixes
Dark and creepy Orchestral cue effective for ill advised basement expeditions and lonely interior torments.
The Basement Is A Bad Place
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Very Creepy and Dark Piano-Based Underscore that anticipates the eventual gruesomeness that will befall one or more Teens who refuse to listen to reason.
Cinematic Creep Out
Tense, Don't Go In The Basement, Eerie and Creepy Orchestral Underscore with a nice Edgy Build at the end.
Fight Or Fllght
Classic pounding heartbeat scarefest for your intensely frightening situations. Ba-Boom, Ba-Boom, Ba-Boom.
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