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What's Around The Corner
Moody and Wistful Guitar with an Introspective character. PSA's, Thoughtful Film Underscore etc.
Cruising The Aisles
Broad strumming guitars and a tight rhythm section create a sense of motion and freedom.
This one came out the hook factory. Soaring, building Alternative Acoustic rock with extra groovy ethnic percussion. Now get out there and fly.
Dance With Me
Concerned Acoustic guitars and percussion with a bit of string thrown in for a little extra wistfulness. A kind of circular feel that will make a good Promo/Psa for thoughtful topics. Internal musings, thinking about stuff, etc.
Encouragement Helps Me
Warm & Fuzzy PSA mutating into Alt.Rock Corporate achievement banner waver. Positive is our message, gentle is our delivery.
Perpetual Motion
Thoughtful, Contemporary Acoustic Guitar with a Warm and Contemplative feel. Water, Outdoors, Fields, Farms, Gentle things, Easy and Natural.
Back Home
Forward moving Acoustic guitar and percussion with a Thoughtful, New Age feel. Mood is neutral to warm and gives a sense of explanation or development of ideas. Would make great neutral underscore.
Lighter Than Air
Charming Folktronica track with a light and bright texture. Unique, quirky, and beautifully performed. The happy pills are working.
Neck Rubber
Straddling aggressive and introspective, this fingerstyle acoustic guitar cue conjures imagery of angry women from the '90s at Lilith Fair.
New Acoustica
Warm and serene New Grass track with distant harmonica and light percussion. Ghosts of Civil War Vets who were too kind to fire a shot.
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