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The Varsity Stroll
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Slow, Two-Beat Early Jazz number featuring Clarinet. This one has a Riverboat or Dixieland vibe to it and will telegraph Early Twentieth Century America.
Dixie Sid
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Fabulous Hot Jazz cut that will work for anything having to do with the 20,'s, 30's or even 40's-WOW-a Multi-Decade track. Swinging 2 Beat feel with loose horns and reeds. It's a party in there!
Jumping Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
House Fave here people. From the amazing Chieli Minucci comes this HOT Gypsy Jazz cut. Super Cheerful, Edit-Friendly head Bopper. A GREAT cue.
Retro Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Incredible Django style guitar cut from the amazing Louis Thorne. Evocative of 1930's-40's Paris, Woody Allen movies, and a time when life was generally better (except for that World War 2 thing which was kind of a drag).
Gypsy Jangle
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Percolating Gypsy Swing with phenomenal guitar work from Chieli Minucci. Vive Le something or other!
Much Ado About Nothing
You're watching the opening scene in a Woody Allen Movie-oh wait, you're listening to The Organic Music Library and another one of our incredible Django Rheinhardt style Parisian jazz cuts. Why shop elsewhere?
Speakeasy Susy
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
That Susy! She sure is Hot Stuff, a regular Good Time Mama if you don't mind my saying so. Vintage Roaring Twenties Cocktail Jazz with a sneaky character; kinda like Susy's stage door Johnny if ya get my drift?
Bathtub Gin
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Hot Jazz combo featuring Trumpet & Clarinet telegraphs the Prohibition Era, Riverboat Music, Dixieland etc. Dames in Flapper Dresses and Well Groomed gangsters shooting each other.
Super Duper
We love this cut. Clarinet & Violin take the lead in a jovial and bouncy speakeasy number that says "GET ME A GUY LIKE STEVE BUSCEMI" This has the whole Boardwalk Empire thing down cold. Buy that dame a mink willya sport?
All The Rage In Paris
When Downton Abbey Characters feel naughty, they need underscore. This Jazz Age, Violin led, light swinger is it. Will Lady Petunia be having her usual Absinthe Cocktail?
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