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Dark Mind
Pounding and Pulsing Tension/Suspense Cue. Orchestral/Electronic Hybrid.This one has a monstrous creepy string rise at the end. Great Cut.
Emotional Swelling
Get out the hanky for soon shall ye weep. This one is the Tear Jerker par Excellence. Huge, expansive Orchestra with swelling cymbals and tug at the heartstrings violins. Good for requiems, memorials and the like.
My Cinematic Romance
Passion amidst the moors. Piano and orchestra combine to create a moody and somewhat cerebral backdrop for interior emotions painfully surfacing.
Epic Cinematic Contemplation
When something is REALLY sad, not just a little sad, but like WAY sad, we're talking immense sorrow on a grand scale, the kind of sorrow that bubbles over into Epic torment and forces you to embark upon a twelve year walk in the Himalayas. Now you got it.
Cinematic And Dismal
Heartbreak, Loss, Misery, and Regret on an Epic Level. You need Dark Orchestral cues like this to really hammer home had bad things are-they suck on a grand scale in fact. Now leave us please, we need to retire to our chamber.
What Remains
Stunning Cinematic Orchestral cue with implications of longing, loss and recollection. Stellar work by the extremely talented Jurgen Beck.
Wistful And Sentimental
Plaintive, mournful guitar and strings support delicate piano. Conflicted and bittersweet: They won't buy your paintings, and Aliana has left the atelier for good.
The Pain Of Loss
Sad, Elegiac Orchestral cue with lots of anguish and misery. Great for Death, Loss, memory, Things gone away etc. Another beauty by our man in Madrid Eduardo De La Iglesia.
Melancholy Memories
Deeply emotional piano, strings and choir. Think recollecting, changing, growing, moving on, remembering, leaving etc. A tearjerker for sure, now go get your hanky before you embarrass both of us.
Sophisticated interior tension cue with a classical structure and dramatic orchestration. There is a sad and lonely quality about this cut and a spacious texture throughout. Empty rooms, reminders of love lost, awareness that you're heading to jail etc..
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