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Mysterious Plot
Pulsing, Massive Tension Cue Ala House Of Cards. This was the music Frank Underwood used when courting Claire. Another gem from the extraordinary Enrique Molano
Take The Eleven O'Clock
Dark, Edgy, Tense, Pulsing and Rhythmic Underscore that sounds like a perfect Prime Time Crime Drama cue.
Found It
Dangerous and Tense Hip Hop.
Imminent Decision
Driving, pulsing, dangerous, criminal, tense, nerve wracking, Electronic cut. Pre-combat planning, Seal Teams in action, judging design sensibilities.
See Me Coming
Angry and Aggressive Hip Hop.
Stacy Know Some Models
Medium aggressive hip-hop with a sense of urgency.
The Clouds
Aggressive Urban track with a dangerous side.
Judgement And Tension
Dark Electronic Cut with an Edgy vibe. Ideal for Judging and awaiting Tense decisions.
Night Creatures
Very Creepy, Tense, Building and Pulsing Underscore. Dark Streets, Danger, Torment etc. Great for parties!
Angry and Aggressive Dubstep cue. This ain't no party Jack, someone's about to get capped.
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