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Jumping Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
House Fave here people. From the amazing Chieli Minucci comes this HOT Gypsy Jazz cut. Super Cheerful, Edit-Friendly head Bopper. A GREAT cue.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Peppy tarantella perfect for underscoring the meatball eating competition at Sergio's while well meaning ding dongs say things like "Abbondanza!"
Retro Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Incredible Django style guitar cut from the amazing Louis Thorne. Evocative of 1930's-40's Paris, Woody Allen movies, and a time when life was generally better (except for that World War 2 thing which was kind of a drag).
Gypsy Jangle
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Percolating Gypsy Swing with phenomenal guitar work from Chieli Minucci. Vive Le something or other!
Much Ado About Nothing
You're watching the opening scene in a Woody Allen Movie-oh wait, you're listening to The Organic Music Library and another one of our incredible Django Rheinhardt style Parisian jazz cuts. Why shop elsewhere?
Elegant and Romantic French Nightclub Jazz Ala Django Rheinhardt This one has a lush and very Sexy, Romantic string background.
All The Rage In Paris
When Downton Abbey Characters feel naughty, they need underscore. This Jazz Age, Violin led, light swinger is it. Will Lady Petunia be having her usual Absinthe Cocktail?
Django Time
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sneaky And Sly Django Style Guitars with a Bluesy Feel. Sly accordion hits lurk in the background and we're pretty sure Woody Allen is using this in his next European Murder Mystery (we kid we kid).
Extremely French And Incredibly Charming
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Like being inside of a Woody Allen Movie, this Acoustic Guitar and Violin Waltz evokes images of Paris, has a Nostalgic thing going on, and is rather sure of itself. Another great piece of music from the very talented Bob Good.
If You Knew Django
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Smoking Gypsy Jazz with a bit of a Tango thing going on. Django Rheinhardt style picking and a whole lot of energy.
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