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Funk Strutter
Funky Horns and wah-wah guitar evoke a tough guy, urban, seventies kind of thing. You need some Bell Bottoms and a concealed weapon to go with this.
Jazz My Funk
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Do you like funk in your jazz or jazz in your funk? Either way this retro groove hybrid featuring a vintage rhodes piano will grease your footage and make you want to pull out that leather jacket, bell bottoms and a pistol. Work that afro!
Color TV
Fred's in the back seat with Grady, and Lamont is driving. Funky 70's sitcom vibe from the amazing Derek Frank.
Funky Funky Funky track from the Fab Louis Thorne (Check out Louis' other work, he's awesome). This one has a slinky, 70's R&B thing happening and will Evoke groovy goings on a decades past or help you sell the latest nifty widget.
Big Breathing Thing
Cool, Hip, Funky Sax Driven Groove. This one has a Retro Seventies feel and some early Moog synth lines to drive that home. Jazzy, with a touch of Blaxploitation and a real toe tapper.
Funky AND Horny
Quin Martin would have liked this funky horn-driven retro funk track. Excellent for anything from adding that party vibe to getting that 70's cop show opener attitude.
House Of Groove
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Studio 54 meets Smooth Jazz and lives happily ever after in the House Of Groove. You're cool and comfortable, and have a slight Retro Disco thing going on. Everyone likes your shoes.
James Brown Mows The Lawn
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Godfather chilling on the rider mower with his beverage of choice in a gold lame cup holder. HIT ME! Groovalicious and raw Hardcore Old School Funk.
Chilling In The Lounge
Groovy fusion of Smooth Jazz and World Beat. There's a sort of 70's disco thing going on as well as a care free, cruising with the top down attitude. Great for positive presentations
G Need Love
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
D’Shaud likes to put on some Bootsy when he puts down the 9 and gets busy with the shorties in the hot tub. Majorly funky 12/8 shuffle with sex vibe.
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