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Very Sad and Concerned Acoustic Guitar with light Bell interjections. This is perfect awful topic Promo or Psa music or dejected and tormented underscore. It ends on a positive note.
Mysterious Nature
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Interior conflict in the Bayou. Should I shoot him or just throw him in the swamp? Tense acoustic guitar strumming to underscore your Darker Nature issues.
Dance With Me
Concerned Acoustic guitars and percussion with a bit of string thrown in for a little extra wistfulness. A kind of circular feel that will make a good Promo/Psa for thoughtful topics. Internal musings, thinking about stuff, etc.
Clouds Rolling By
This one of those Acoustic/Country cues that veer between Concerned, Neutral, and Warm & Fuzzy Making it Ideal Promo, PSA, or Thoughtful underscore. It's also a little bit dreamy, so you can do that too if you are so inclined.
Days End
Warm, Emotional, Sad Nylon String Guitar with distant EFX. Topics of Concern, Internal Drama etc.
Lush, Classical Guitar with a solitary and ruminative character. Thinking about Lost Love, General Sadness on Planet Earth, Emotional Dejection etc. Will work well for PSA or Sophisticated film underscore.
That whole coiled up rattlesnake waiting to strike abandoned tumbleweed infested Diner Hot Desert my horse has no name and I need a drink bad mister but they probably will hang me high if I walk into that railroad town thing.
Manor House Tensions
Dark, finger picked solo acoustic guitar. Sad and solitary. We can only assume what is going on behind the Master's door.
Lonely Road
Ren had one shot left at glory, but it all faded away on this dreary road. Now he spends his days in rumination and half-hearted attempts at cigarette smuggling.
The Snow Will Turn Brown
Worried, Concerned, Dark Acoustic Guitars. Dreary and Urgent topics. PSA, Promo etc.
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