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Bad Little Boys
Zany Xylophones, Goofy Tubas, Whimsical Trombones...Part of our Nutsy Bean collection. Crazy Kiddies, Amazingly Stupid Reality People, Sitcom Dummies, general wackiness.
Good Grief, I'm going nuts- and so will you after listening to this bit of craziness from our resident English Madman Lyndn Gauntlett.
Back To School Clothes
Bouncy Kid Pop. Think spoiled Tweens at Target running through the aisles and stuffing their little red carts with colorful (and more than likely flammable) articles of inappropriate clothing.
Magic Of Children
Magical and Wondrous Kiddie Music featuring Piano and Inspirational Swelling Strings. Opening Christmas Presents, Getting A Pony, Flying Into Outer Space With Elon Musk etc..
Mayhem In The Garage
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Playful and Hyper Electro Rocker. Motion, Energy, Activity, Sped Up Video, general craziness. Cool Mixouts as well.
Fun, Kooky, Electronica Ideal for Video Games, Kids, Reality craziness etc.
Jack In The Box
Oh you nutty wacky kooky pants you. You need this kiddie friendly quirkiness loaded with Glockenspiels, accordion and nutty snare drum. In Waltz time no less!
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
WAH WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Incredibly goofy Tuba cue for your ultimate "My God what a ridiculous loser goofball this idiot is" moments.
Yes No Maybe
Robotic, Machine-like Quirkiness with an Oddly Tough Side. This one will work for anything having to do with manufacturing, assembly lines, Industry and conversely, Silly Or Goofy material.
Captain Wacky Pants
Xylophone, Tuba, goofy percussion and a Quirky 2 Beat feel will have your kookoo situations outlined in such a Merry Way. "Skyler is attempting to skateboard off the roof a seven story apartment building while Tyler and Cody hold the blanket" Awesome!
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