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Away in a Memphis
Booker T and Steve Cropper have a little Christmas cheer, break out the instruments and jam on Away in a Manger. Proving to younger, bewildered, bystanders just how much they inspired the Black Keys.
Get In The Sled!
Lawrence Welk is driving and Henry Mancini is pouring the Martinis. Watch out for those June Taylor Dancers & Have a Retro Holiday Sleigh Ride courtesy of The Organic Music Library!
A Massive Christmas
Have a Blockbuster Christmas with this FABULOUS Hollywood style cue. Big Orchestra, charming bells, Steven Spielberg, Danny Elfman, and John Williams sitting around having Hot Chocolate etc..
Looking For Santa
The Elves are hungover, Mrs. Claus got Botox injections and took off with the sleigh, Santa is suffering from acute paranoia and checked himself into Rehab.But, it does have sleigh bells, so...Ho Ho Ho.
Your Cinematic Christmas
Miracle on Production Music Street: A High Quality bit of Xmas Underscore that telegraphs those halcyon days when Trans Fats were a key component of the Holiday meal and Drunken Sleigh Driving was encouraged.
Country Jingle
Goofy and Friendly Countrified Whistling that sounds suspiciously like Jingle Bells.
Bittersweet solo version of the classic. Ideal for Medieval Imagery and ancient Christmas settings.
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Who doesn't want their Figgy Pudding we ask you? Bring it to them already wouldya???? Solo guitar version of the Traditional Carol.
Warm And Fuzzy Wenceslas
Beautiful, Heartwarming Solo Guitar Interpretation of The Christmas Classic.
Yule Log For Sure
Poignant, Heartwarming Solo Piano that can work effectively for Holiday Tearjerking or Wistful Underscore. Get us a Hanky Tito.
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