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James Bond in Hell
Imagine Sean Connery (Not that pantywaist Daniel Craig) running over a Commie named Verushka, without spilling a drop of his Martini.
Afro Electric
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Four On The Floor, Driving, Afro Beat based Electronica perfect for style or fashion segments. There is a Euro, World Fusion flavor to the track and it has great fills for cutting.
Yes No Maybe
Robotic, Machine-like Quirkiness with an Oddly Tough Side. This one will work for anything having to do with manufacturing, assembly lines, Industry and conversely, Silly Or Goofy material.
Lighter Than Air
Charming Folktronica track with a light and bright texture. Unique, quirky, and beautifully performed. The happy pills are working.
Where do we begin with this one? Crazy, Whimsical, Electronic cut with a driving groove and swinging female scat vocals on top. It's kind of nutty, but cool; like your girlfriend.
Dub Scat
Very cool Electronic textural montage featuring processed female scat vox and a powerful drumbeat with a little Reggae Dub thing in the background-It's calling out for a Fashion Spot rife with attitude. Please make one now.
Transition Time
Plug yourself in and glide effortlessly between scenes with this modern Electro Quirk. Versatile reality cut, tech underscore, or undernourished cat walker cue.
Elemental Groove
SlightlyTesne, pulsing Electronica appropriate for malnourished models, action heros, and pharmaceutical presentations alike.
Jazz Electrician
Pulsing and grooving Acid Jazz with processed clarinet and an assortment of kooky efx. Zany and whimsical meets Ornette Coleman in the 23rd century.
Three On The Floor
Jazzy house beat with soaring strings and bass melody.
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