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Catch That Chicken
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Brisk Bluegrass number. Perfect for anything with a Rural or Country theme.
Corn Liqour
Spritely, Fiddling Bluegrass number with a Good Ole Boy Feel. "Head for the Hills, the revenoors is comin'"
Country Fair
Step right up folks and try your hand at using this authentic Bluegrass number.
That Grass Is Blue
Fabulous Bluegrass cut. Get that tractor out of the way Merle, we got us some dancing to do.
Campfire Pickers
Countrified, New Grass picking from Michael Teaney and company. Fiddle, Guitar, and Banjo combine to create an earthy tapestry that evokes the Deep South or a bunch of guys getting ready to hunt something or other. Note: This one has a fade!
Moonshine Marvel
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Bouncy Americana straight out of Green Acres. The Hooterville Cannonball is coming to take you to Pixley.
Play Us Banjolicus
Happy Hoe Down or Square Dance Tune Featuring Banjo. Swing your partner!
Clawhammer Banjo
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Rambunctious, Raw Bluegrass Banjo cut. Think Hillbillies, Depression, Bonnie and Clyde etc.
Grassy Blue
Joyful Bluegrass featuring banjo. Getting overzealous with that Moonshine, Cletus. Better watch it or Pa is gonna git ya. Happy Hill Folk playfully chasing after creatures soon to be dinner. Conversely, well equipped Yuppies with Canoes on vacation.
Tipsy Gypsy
Bluegrass goes to Bucharest. This smokey hybrid number starts off innocently enough as a minor key bluegrass tune until a gypsy accordion enters and turns it into something completely unique.When you need a barn raiser for a Vampire-here ya go.
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