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Dave Grohl Is Angry
Powerful and driving Rocker in the vein of the Foo Fighters. The forecast is moody and tormented with a 70% chance of an ass kicking.
Iron Scorpion
Get tattoo, get beer, show up at concert, sneak in, make Devil Horns with your hand, play air guitar solo, get more beer, repeat until consciousness is lost.
My Name is Legion
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Wound up tight and ready to explode. This high energy powerhouse features some of the most insane shredding lead guitar you will ever hear.
Edgy Electronic cut with a Tough Guy attitude. This one Skews more Sports and aggression than techno/Fashion, although if you have a particularly aggressive photo shoot happening, this could be the ticket.
The Massive Cinematic Action Cue
The Pounder of Pounders. Epic, Intense, Orchestral Crossover with dynamic release points that let you think everything is ok; but really it isn't and the pounding comes back to pound you more.
Pulsing, Forward Moving, Electronic Aggression Cue. Great Sports underscore.
Faster Higher Stronger
Tremendous cue by the extremely talented Mark Niedzwiedz. This is a Building, Olympian, Orchestral Cue that will work for Sports, Epic Panoramas, Triumph & Victory, or your Nightly Newscast
Surging Ahead
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Absolutely spectacular Aspirational Power cue from Chieli Minucci. Soaring, Building, Trying, Reaching For The Stars etc.. And of course a massive and blistering guitar solo in the main mix. Olympic, Victorious, Achievement, Overcoming Struggle etc.
Bitch Slap
Watch your step, Detroit Jimmy is back and he's gonna mess with you a little bit. Tough, brassy rocker with nasty wah wah guitar. A little nod to the Seventies, a little Lenny Kravitz (oh wait, that's the same thing), you get the picture.
Burn Your Homework
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Dude, like psyche yourself up. Skateboarding freaks on the playground meet guys in golf shirts with excellent sales forecasts. There are Hi Fives a'plenty. Then the golf shirt guys adjourn to the men's room to wash their hands.
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