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Bitch Slap
Watch your step, Detroit Jimmy is back and he's gonna mess with you a little bit. Tough, brassy rocker with nasty wah wah guitar. A little nod to the Seventies, a little Lenny Kravitz (oh wait, that's the same thing), you get the picture.
Bottle Rocket
Swinging and Shuffling Fifties Rockabilly Track. Now get down to the drive-in and order a Milk Shake from Rhonda, the hottie on roller skates.
Burn Your Homework
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Dude, like psyche yourself up. Skateboarding freaks on the playground meet guys in golf shirts with excellent sales forecasts. There are Hi Fives a'plenty. Then the golf shirt guys adjourn to the men's room to wash their hands.
This one is Perfect for Fighting, Combat, Aggression, Competition, Struggle, Beatings, Unlawful Behavior etc. Got a bit of a Led Zep thing going on as well, which always helps. Great Cue.
Swing Me
Jumping Rockabilly Swing Guitar track reminiscent of Brian Setzer, Stray Cats etc.
Acey Duecey
We got us an AC/DC thing going on here folks; powerful guitar crunch and thumping rhythm section sets up the tough guy mood you so richly deserve. Now get out of our way before we hit you on the head with a Gibson SG.
American Milf
Behold the American Milf. Driving that Minivan, on time for soccer practice and eating her high fiber cereal. Rock on honey, we don't deserve you. Straight ahead rocker with an Eagles feel.
Any Other Time
Guitars, Drums, Bass, Pickup Trucks, Beer, Blue Collar Guys and Girls, Hard Work, Dirt, Sweat., America. Did we mention Guitar?
Mission Sky
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
We love this cue: Ultra Tough Guy Classic Rock Feel with a nod to "The Final Countdown". Great for Sports Competition, Battle, Fighting, Over The Top stuff requiring an 80's feel etc. Nice Mix Out Options as well.
School's Out
You are about to become motivated. Resistance is futile. Corporate Psyche Up Rocker that will get your audience pumped!
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