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Country Rampage
Pick that guitar, shoot that rifle, drink that whiskey, outrun the sheriff, complain about the government etc..
Creekside Jimmy
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Jimmy done got hisself into the moonshine, so it appears there will be no work done today. On the other hand, there are plenty of trout that need catchin' so everything should work out just fine.
Fish Hunting
Feeling friendly out in the back country Vern? Here's your move: Fiddle, mandolin and acoustic geetar create a joyful bit of Americana to underscore your bass, trout, and whitetail adventures.
Barnyard Chaos
Another little bit of genius from Chieli Minucci as he defines a new genre: Epic Energetic Americana. This is one crazy cut-wild guitar, fiddle, drums and, oh yeah, an orchestra. Think High Energy Outdoor Countryfied Mania and you'll get it.
Fun Times
This is a great Cue. Picking, Warm Guitars with an instantly familiar kind of melody. Warm & Fuzzy Scenes, Outdoor Programming, Healthy Soup etc.
A Perfect little acoustic heart warmer. Great hook, gentle and unobtrusive.Moms, Kids, Outdoors, Satisfaction, content etc.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
A downright nasty Electric Country Blues. Bad things happening in the bayou, that body you buried under the beer cooler is waking up, Ma don't love you no more etc.
Relaxed And Gentle
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Beautiful Classical Guitar and Strings with a peaceful, outdoorsy kind of vibe. Heartwarming, Relaxed, Peaceful, great cue.
Rise And Shine
Because we're Happy Happy etc. we present this really happy tune. A little country-Bluegrass tinged, but it will make even your urban dwelling cynics smile. Now, go jump around a little bit and have some fun.
River Walk
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Gorgeous Acoustics and Strings with a Warm & Sentimental feel from Guitar Master Chieli Minucci. Great for outdoors shots, landscapes, panoramas, intimate moments etc. Multiple mix options for a variety of feels as well.
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