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Expansive African Cue. A bit Tense with a hint of danger. Doing a Nature Doc? All the requisite percussion is here, think no more.
Tribal Dance
Complex and multi-layered Ethnic Percussion that screams: "There's a Gazelle, I think the Lion is going to eat it"
African And Udu
Bouncy and Joyful Afrobeat. Exotic and Friendly.
Exotic Horizons
Percolating, Exotic Kalimba and Percussion. Great for strange and unusual locales. You got a Giraffe? You need this.
Charming World Music cut featuring xylophone and thumb piano over simple percussion bed. This one will do double duty as "look at those cute animals" underscore or charming and quirky contemporary advert bed.
Strong, Driving and Controlled African Cue with a bit of a Back Beat.
Ecological Tensions
Sophisticated Kalimba over Jazzy rhythm groove. Ideal Nature Doc cut. Telegraphs danger in the wild, Africa, that snake about to eat you etc..
Giraffes and gibbons conversing with Nile crocodiles. Curious elephants avoiding lingering stares from that leopard, and Daktari driving his beat up Land Rover.
Beware the Gecko and his sinister hiss. 6/8 African Shuffle groove with nifty percussion for your exotic underscore needs.
Herbie's Trip To Ghana
Funkified, World Fusion cut with an Afro Pop vibe. Move it baby!
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