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Roman Slaughterhouse
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Epic Orchestral Battle Underscore. Monstrous Drums, Strings and Brass combine to form a building and dangerous behemoth of a cue. Be sure to check out to various mixes, there are great alternate textures to be found in them.
Brazilian Sun
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
How do we love this cue? Let us count the ways. The stellar grooves of Von Baron coupled with an absolutely infectious hook. Beautiful, soaring, World Fusion.
Time Is Now
Tense, Ticking, Aggressive Percussion cue ideal for Turmoil, Judgements, Waiting, etc.
Tribal Dance
Complex and multi-layered Ethnic Percussion that screams: "There's a Gazelle, I think the Lion is going to eat it"
Samba School
This guy must have stayed after Samba School. He's pretty good doncha think? Incredible solo percussion from the amazing groove machine Larry Salzman. World Cup here we come.
Gator Stick
Happy, easy going percussion shuffle. Do a Tap Dance on Bourbon Street or just go about your business in the backwoods, whichever you choose, we believe you'll be right fine sir!
Sherpas On The March
Zen Out man. Laid back but heavy all percussion piece featuring two mouth harps, Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan hand cymbals and loosely tuned tom toms.
Giraffes and gibbons conversing with Nile crocodiles. Curious elephants avoiding lingering stares from that leopard, and Daktari driving his beat up Land Rover.
Driving, Solo Ethnic Percussion with an Arabic Flavor. Danger, Adventure, Belly Dancing etc.
Crawdad Hole
Either someone's getting drunk on Bourbon Street or there's a funeral coming. Second Line Percussion with a joyful and snappy syncopation. Will also work for dopey Hillbillies about to blow up a still in Harlan County.
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