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Critical Decision
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Super News theme or hard driving Political cue guaranteed to enhance the sense of important worry and noble dissatisfaction. Lots of textures and gravitas available.
Contemporary Intropsection
Very Hip Modern Mood Music. Ideal for selling and communicating. You have this thing and want to present it in a very cool way; we're telling you to use this-it will work. Piano, Bass and a Light, Wistful Groove. Great Cue.
Very Sad and Concerned Acoustic Guitar with light Bell interjections. This is perfect awful topic Promo or Psa music or dejected and tormented underscore. It ends on a positive note.
Extremely Urgent Rock
Dark, Angry, Tense, Aggressive Rock track. Things aren't going well, Danger, Peril, The World is falling apart etc.. Also good for Martial Arts training, Striving, lifting more weight than you should etc..
Restrained And Urgent
Orchestral Underscore with a sense of controlled Urgency. Think Apprehensive, Worry beneath the surface. Lady Margaret has been engaged in some inappropriate business, now she's thinking about the implications.
What's Around The Corner
Moody and Wistful Guitar with an Introspective character. PSA's, Thoughtful Film Underscore etc.
Nerve Wracking Aggressive Underscore with a Massive Build. Pulsing, Inexorable (we like that word, it makes us feel significant) and Huge.
Don't Ignore Me
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Clearly things are not going well. Telegraph that misfortune and human concern with this dark and urgent solo piano. Pefrect for failed Sports heroes and lost puppies alike.
In Winter
Poignant Solo Piano. Intimate, starts off a bit on the sadder side and then grows into a positive ending.
The Hero Revealed
You want Intensity? Here ya go. Orchestral/Rock Hybrid that Builds, Swells and generally gets Massive along the Way. Tension, Worry, Torment, Epic Emotions, Big Danger etc.
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