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A Perfect little acoustic heart warmer. Great hook, gentle and unobtrusive.Moms, Kids, Outdoors, Satisfaction, content etc.
Incredibly Charming and Heartwarming guitar and piano. Poignant, Sentimental, Romantic. Cute children, kittens, puppies, clean laundry etc.
Relaxed And Gentle
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
Beautiful Classical Guitar and Strings with a peaceful, outdoorsy kind of vibe. Heartwarming, Relaxed, Peaceful, great cue.
They Shan't Be Coming Home
Our catalog is pretty awesome, you've realized that by now if you are poking around, but this tune is just magnificent. Heartbreaking violin and piano that will pull your viewers through a sieve. Sad Promo & PSA, Loss, Nostalgia, Remembering etc..
A Fresh Start
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Laid Back and Very Upbeat cut with Happy Guitars and Cheerful Marimbas. This one has a slight Caribbean Vibe,like a Jimmy Buffett tune, and will work well for anything with a positive or easy going tone.
Terrific Solo Piano cue ideal for Uplifting Promo/PSA or Corporate/Retail purposes. Dignified, Controlled, and Unobtrusive.
Monet's Pallette
Ambient, mantra-like piano and strings evoke a dreamlike past where Ipads fear to tread.
Nadia's Swimsuit
Classically inflected, Warm & Fuzzy solo piano designed to tug at the heart strings or sell quality food products.
Summer Arrival
Warm, New Grass track featuring heartwarming cello. You can feel good about yourself now.
The Nurture Factory
Finally, a tune that will actually cuddle you. Very gentle strings and light piano ideal for any kind of warm & fuzziness. Do you want your Blankie now?
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