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I Am Super Happy Music
You want Happy? You get Happy. Bouncy Pop track with a nice little warm & fuzzy bridge. This reminds us a little of Bang On The Drum by Todd Rundgren, which is a major compliment. A great track.
Morning Motion
Sweeping, forward moving acoustic guitar and piano over a percolating rhythm bed carry this melodic, ultimate feel-good cut. Think Bruce Hornsby, smiling milkmen, well-behaved kids on their bikes, & weather reports filled with nothing but sunshine.
Another Happy Uke Cue
OMG it's every Charming, Feelgood, Uke and Bell based cue ever combined into one mondo bit of happiness. You can't go really-your client will sign off in 2 seconds. We really should raise the price on this one.
Joyful Inspiration
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Von is a master of the melodic hook. Inspirational, slightly wistful Smooth Jazz cut featuring Alto Sax. Simply beautiful, and an OML Favorite.
Jumpy Jump
Happy, Corporate Lifestyles Groover featuring Electric Piano. Imagine Ina Garten and her special friends setting the table to look like the HMS Queen Elizabeth 2. Loosen your cravat and please do enjoy the Campari Orange Spritzers.
Politically Correct Cars
Plug in your car and drive to the organic pharmacy, pick up your antidepressant, ignore the contra-indications, play with your Ipad.
Back To School Clothes
Bouncy Kid Pop. Think spoiled Tweens at Target running through the aisles and stuffing their little red carts with colorful (and more than likely flammable) articles of inappropriate clothing.
Comfortable, Cost Effective & Convenient
Both kids are in the back seat (with individual DVD players), the sun is setting, and you're driving just the right car. A perfect :30 for your spot needs.
Just Chill Out
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy, Laid back chill out cue with a relaxed and dreamy feel. Piano and guitar mesh with electronic elements on the full mix. The Organic mix has more of a smooth jazz feel. Great gentle underscore for beds and beauty shots of all kinds.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Grateful clients will be yours to command when you jack up that shot of the parking lot with this killer cue. Use the Choir Mix for extra Motivation.
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