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Tough as nails Southern Rocker. Pickups, Beer, Trumperstickers etc.
Hey There
Dark and Nasty Country Blues Rock with a funky groove.
Ten Point Tension
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
The Sons Of Anarchy go camping. Nasty, Raw, Swampy Southern Rocker. Drives ahead, not too fast.
Snake Oil
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3
You're an Outlaw, you ride, you fight, you play some nasty ass lead guitar. You have no use for salad forks.
Hunted Down
Smash a beer can on your head and get in some trouble with this nasty Southern Rocker ala Warren Haynes etc.. Powerful and aggressive. Tommy riffs like mad in this one.
Chug A Lug Blues
Texas beat Southern Blues a la Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Texas Troublemaker
Stevie Ray is reborn and chasing you in his pickup. Fast and rambunctious Texas Rocker.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Visions of The Old West: You open The Saloon Doors and there's Clint Eastwood ready to blow you into the Dakotas, only this time he brought a groovy beat to go with his dark and dangerous harmonica and Snakebitten guitar.
Acoustic Swagger
Dangerous Southern Rock grit with a side of Deliverance and a touch of Motivation. Perfect for a presentation at the Sons Of Anarchy Annual Corporate Meeting.
In The Swamp
Tough and steady Acoustic Rocker with a nasty and funky groove. Ideal for dirty things, mud, Gator injuries etc..
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