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The Great Wall
Extremely cool Asian track with nifty percussion accents and exotic gongs. You're a stranger in a strange world considering whether or not to eat the chicken feet etc..
Contemplating The Lotus
Dreamy, Koto-Like Harp and Drone. Gaze at Your Navel and find inner peace my son.
Japanese Hop
Quirky Asian Flavored Hip Hop Track.
Chinese Dream
Gorgeous and Lush Hybrid Asian track. When you think Exotic, you are hearing this. Shao-Lin Monks preparing to avoid stepping on ants, Mystical ceremonies within the Temple, Oddly Shaped fruit etc.
Surya And The Uneasy Dream
Suspicious behavior at the Balinese Harmonic convergence conference. Today's Yoga session has yielded potentially dangerous insights.
Asian Wonder
Dreamy Asian track with a contemporary rhythm groove underneath. This one is Hopeful and Wistful with a dreamy sense of wonder. "Like OMG that Sushi is or something".
Gamelan Madness
Exotic, Asian Nature track with a slight sense of wariness or danger . The Balinese Crab is purple and beautiful, but beware: he can turn you to stone with one bite.
Sherpas On The March
Zen Out man. Laid back but heavy all percussion piece featuring two mouth harps, Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan hand cymbals and loosely tuned tom toms.
Stroll Through Edo
Very cool contemporary Asian cut. Ideal for generic Eastern Montages, Travel Vids, and Geo-Documentaries etc.
Asian Confusion
Exotic and Mysterious Asian Cue with a pulse Wood Flutes, Gongs, Pagodas and Pandas.
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