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Driving and Intense Salsa with a Sexy and Dangerous quality. Great Cue.
Tango Rosa
Zorro shows up at your door. OMG, you're wearing that icky sweatshirt, but wait, he takes you in his arms and suddenly you'e riding into the Castillian night.
Santiago De Cuba
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Brisk and Happy Latin Jazz cut featuring flute over percolating guitars and rhythm. Alternate Bed mix removes Flute.
Y Tu Tambien
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy Latin track with Flute and Trumpet leads. Think South America, The Caribbean, Vacations, Cruise Ships etc.
Joyful Salsa featuring Piano and Percussion.
Bossa Times
Sexy and Sultry Bossa Nova.
Brazilian Sun
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
How do we love this cue? Let us count the ways. The stellar grooves of Von Baron coupled with an absolutely infectious hook. Beautiful, soaring, World Fusion.
La Guaracha Picante
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy Salsa with Flute Topping. Think South America, The Islands, Cruise Ships, Travel, Vacations etc. There's an optional bed mix without the flutes etc if you just feel like grooving.
Porque No Me Amas
Lilting Mariachi Waltz. Mexico, The Old West, Heartbreak on account of Senorita Rosalinda's father wants to have you shot etc..
Soy De Reynosa
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Bouncy and Happy Authentic Tex Mex Cue. Ole.
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