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They Shan't Be Coming Home
Our catalog is pretty awesome, you've realized that by now if you are poking around, but this tune is just magnificent. Heartbreaking violin and piano that will pull your viewers through a sieve. Sad Promo & PSA, Loss, Nostalgia, Remembering etc..
Emotional Swelling
Get out the hanky for soon shall ye weep. This one is the Tear Jerker par Excellence. Huge, expansive Orchestra with swelling cymbals and tug at the heartstrings violins. Good for requiems, memorials and the like.
The Wish
When you need to pull your viewer through a sieve. Simply brilliant combination of heart wrenching and inspiring. Great for elegies and the like.
Epic Cinematic Contemplation
When something is REALLY sad, not just a little sad, but like WAY sad, we're talking immense sorrow on a grand scale, the kind of sorrow that bubbles over into Epic torment and forces you to embark upon a twelve year walk in the Himalayas. Now you got it.
Looking Back
A poignant ambient cue with elements of gentle inspiration. Unusual cut combining electric and upright bass. Good for reviewing things in a subtle manner.
Bach And His Scary Organ
Dude, that is one scary organ you got there. A Massive Pipe Organ with a Toccata and Fugue thing going on. Creepy stuff, Death, Dark happenings in the pulpit etc.
Contemplation And Reflection
Weepy Piano and Flute. Appropriate for all kinds of Downer Topics. You feel awful about something or other? This is your move. It even has a big minor chord resolution at the end to let everyone know just how miserable the situation is.
One Soft Place
The Aftermath is upon us and things didn't turn out too well. You lost the game, you lost the girl, your self-respect is in tatters. Solemn, wistful, and austere, with a regretful and poignant tone.
Sadness (Rickey)
Steady and Dreamy, Introspective Piano, Strings and Light Bell. Not altogether Sad, as it ends on a positive note, so maybe we gave it a bad name-but you decide for yourselves. In any case, a very lovely piece of work.
What Remains
Stunning Cinematic Orchestral cue with implications of longing, loss and recollection. Stellar work by the extremely talented Jurgen Beck.
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