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Awaiting The Onslaught
OMG-this is the Epic to End All Epics. Monstrously Huge Cinematic Orchestral Cut with an end of the world choir. Dynamic and building, Ideal Trailer Music, or underscore to something really massive. Yikes! We get scared just listening to it!
Epic Cinematic Doom
Yikes! We get scared just listening to this thing- Big! Huge! Epic! Intense! Somebody's on the March and they're coming for you. Be warned.
Epic Sword, Sandal, And Sorceror
Epic, Building, Driving Orchestral Monster. Suspense, Tension, Battles, Wizards sending lightning bolts out of their fingers etc..
Building Epic Triumph
Massive and Epic Cinematic Orchestral Cue. Turmoil between Superheroes, Battles For Control Of The Universe, Trailers of Doom etc.
Epic Searching
Epic, Building, Suspense Cinematica featuring a sweeping Orchestra with all kinds of Flourishing things that will enhance that sense of "Uh-Oh, what now?" Spectacular writing from Enrique Molano- We love this guy-you will too.
George Lucas Is Scaring You
There's a 15 legged spider on your head, you just fell into a pit of vipers, and they've got Inga hanging over a pit of fire. What will you do? WHAT WILL YOU DO????
Storm Troopers
Very Dark and Dangerous Epic Cinematic Orchestral Cue. Massing Armies preparing to destroy the good guys with their Silver Death Ray Machine etc. Trailers, General Hugeness.
Nerve Wracking Aggressive Underscore with a Massive Build. Pulsing, Inexorable (we like that word, it makes us feel significant) and Huge.
Epic Storm Approaching
Retro Hollywood Epic Orchestral number that's perfect for adventure on the High Seas while Errol Flynn is getting busy with the captive maidens trapped below deck. Beware the Armada, Captain.
The Chase Of Vengeance
Clearly the world is ending or some highly skilled evil doer has stolen the hidden death ray from deep within the Pentagon. Epic Orchestral, Trailer Friendly Intensity.
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