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Tropical Topical
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Smooth and upbeat Hawaiian-style acoustic guitars accompanied by light hand percussion. Mahalo.
Honolulu Honey
Who are you calling a Don Ho? Just because I like to get Leid?Classic, Hawaiian Guitar for those Sultry cruise ship moments after Morty passes out in the Poi. Hulu Away the night.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Transecting the span betwixt Honolulu and Cripple Creek, this Ukelele and Lap Steel number is reminiscent of that version of "Over The Rainbow" we hear in some completely inappropriate commercial spot, but you can shoot Muskrat to it as well.
Solo Sliding
Swinging solo pedal steel with a 1940's flavor. This track will also work well for anything having to do with Hawaii.
Goodnight Waimea
Nostalgic and wistful Island cut with pedal steel and wood flutes.
Next Stop Maui
Hula Dancing Hotties and tribal drums with a classic pedal steel.
Honolulu Chill Out
Relaxed, wistful, comfortable Polynesian groove.
Samoan Festival
Bubbly Island guitars and light percussion.
Hawaiian Pulse
Hawaiian guitar cut mixed in with contemporary rhythm bed.
Kooped Up On Kauai
Energetic Island guitars and tribal percussion.
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