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Iron Scorpion
Get tattoo, get beer, show up at concert, sneak in, make Devil Horns with your hand, play air guitar solo, get more beer, repeat until consciousness is lost.
My Name is Legion
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Wound up tight and ready to explode. This high energy powerhouse features some of the most insane shredding lead guitar you will ever hear.
Martial Arts Massacre
He-Men beaten to human marmalade, Pyromaniacs with lightning guns, Monster trucks eating steel beams etc.. All around a manly track.
The Black Temple
Crazed Metal Maniacs carrying Ozzie on his throne. Getting your tattoos tattooed. Piercing beer cans etc.. Absolutely SICK guitar work ideal for UFC crunch-athons and ultra tough Sports Hit Montages, dirty or otherwise.
Effing Heavy
It starts off slow, dark, and tormented; then the aggression shows up. Once the fighting starts, the violence isn't far behind. Turmoil and mayhem make an obligatory appearance before the head squashing starts. The End.
Teutonic Leather
In Your Face and On Your Knees! Bow to the Guitar God of Glasgow as he rips through a Classic Metal Cue that would make Rob Halford jump on his Harley and run away. Sick soloing and a smoking rhythm track makes this a perfect sports cut.
Throbbing and hard Rocker with a Metallica thing going on. Chunk chunk chunk boom boom crash! We love Tommy's soloing in here...brutal. Good for smash up violence and action.
Agitated and Aggressive Metal track. Imagine having your head used as a basketball. It's like that.
You Are Finished
We're afraid of this track, it sounds as if we're about to get body slammed by a giant Ninja wearing spiked armor. When you need to bring the pain, use this.
Beer Muscles
Screaming, driving, headbanger with a touch of Judas Priest. Beat up a biker with a pool cue, then floor it and get the heck out of there.
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