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Beatrice Does The Jerk
Wacky, 60's, Quasi-Mambo groove. Benny Hill is chasing you around the Lawn at 64 Frames Per Sec.
Dear Brigitte
Twisting on the Beach with a Hot Blonde in a Bikini circa 1965. You know what we mean. Rocking track with organ and harmonica upfront. Groovy Daddy-O.
Psychedelic Rock Groove
Trippy, Psychedelia Ala The Grateful Dead. "Dude, I swear Jerry is in this computer. He was like, reincarnated as data."
Dieter Does The Mashed Potato
Throbbing, pulsing, Retro Surf with a pounding beat and harsh guitar. Dig the Farfisa organ while Dieter shows you his moves.
Electric Lightpost
I found a Penny in the Lane and I gave it to George. Beatles/Harrison influenced Carnaby Quirk with a nod to The Electric Light Orchestra. Charming, Quirky, Playful and lovingly executed by our actual Brit, Rob Benham.
Red Flag
Tough, Minor Key Surf Rocker with a Heavy Back Beat. This is hard core dude, ain't no Gidget in sight; we think she drowned while the Lifeguards were beating the crap out of the beatniks.
Rock And Roll
Rugged and Raw Electric Blues. This one sounds like The Kinks working out a groove in Ray Davies garage Circa 1968.
Surfing Secret Agents
Peter Gunn lives on in this Homage du Agent Secret (Yes, we know we didn't spell it correctly, we don't speak French either, we're just affected). Get your Sixties Spy turtleneck on and do your thing.
Swinging Secret Agent
Groovy Farfisa organ and flute in this hyper 60's pop that recalls Austin Powers.
The Loving Touch Of A Hairy Hand
Boogaloo Go-Go factory in an alternative universe. Science fiction, "do the monkey" sort of thing.
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