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Royal Street Strut
Buttonholed on Bourbon Street and dragged into a dark watering hole, Professor Somebody or other and company are on onstage doing their thing. You grab a Long Neck and start tapping your foot.
Gidreaus Barnyard Dance
Guidraux and Brousard down shots of Jack while the adolescent boys chase flapping chickens around the feather filled barn. A bewildered jazz bass player shows up and jams on some Zydeco with the locals. A good time had by all.
Gator Stick
Happy, easy going percussion shuffle. Do a Tap Dance on Bourbon Street or just go about your business in the backwoods, whichever you choose, we believe you'll be right fine sir!
Gospel Minor Blues
Mischievous and Sly Gospel Organ with a backbeat. It appears some of you have been sinning a bit more than usual, so Reverend Spitfire is going to have to put the fear of the Lord in you. But first let's groove a bit.
Crawdad Hole
Either someone's getting drunk on Bourbon Street or there's a funeral coming. Second Line Percussion with a joyful and snappy syncopation. Will also work for dopey Hillbillies about to blow up a still in Harlan County.
Down The Treme
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Crawfish Etouffee with a long neck Bud, Boudreaux's band kickin', every vice imaginable within reach. You have problems, but you can't remember what they are.
Louisiana Lazy
Down Home Blues Shuffler featuring laid back Trumpet and relaxed rhythm section. It's too hot to do much of anything, so let's just hang out and groove.
Pig Pole
Rambling, Shuffling Percussion cue that telegraphs the Joys of Debauchery in the French Quarter. It also makes perfect sense for silly outdoor behavior or confused hunters falling asleep in their duck blinds.
Fishing Pond
Cheerful Solo Percussion cue with a New Orleans shuffle feel. Perfect for happy escapes down in the French Quarter or getting ready for excessively lubricated hunting and fishing adventures.
Second Line Strut
Funky, Slinky, New Orleans percussion groove. Head down to Royal Street and get your Creole on.
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