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Federer's Porsche
Evocative, contemporary Ad cut with an underlying sense of wealth and sophistication. Luxury Hybrids, Extremely hot women who have no interest in you but dig your car, winding European roads to nowhere, 401K shortfalls etc..
Consumer Choice
Cool Contemporary Electronica that manages to be both Hip and Playful. Perfect Advert material.
Contemporary Intropsection
Very Hip Modern Mood Music. Ideal for selling and communicating. You have this thing and want to present it in a very cool way; we're telling you to use this-it will work. Piano, Bass and a Light, Wistful Groove. Great Cue.
Politically Correct Cars
Plug in your car and drive to the organic pharmacy, pick up your antidepressant, ignore the contra-indications, play with your Ipad.
Times Rebuttal
Terrific Corporate Underscore. Controlled, Warm, Friendly Piano and Percussion with a decidedly modern feel. Sell a phone, Explain something or other, Feel good about your Non-GMO breakfast etc.
Wistful, Dreamy, Hip Corporate Underscore. Luxury, Telecommunications, Overpriced Perfume etc.
Wash It Away
We love this cut. It has a Hip and Contemporary Wistfulness without wallowing in it's self absorption; in other words, it's the perfect cut to underscore your latest hip presentation or help sell something that won't actually kill someone.
Attack Of The Engagement Rings
Building, Urgent, Serious, Elegant, Luxurious, Orchestral Track that screams "You had better spend 3 months salary on me or there will be hell to pay!"
Beauty Sleep
Moody, Dreamy, Ethereal Electronica ideal for Corporate Communications, Technology, Advertising etc.
Commuters In Transit
Chilled Out Electronica perfect for Contemporary Advertising. Sophisticated, Dreamy and Wistful, like that car you want.
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