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Wow what a cue: Monstrous, Cinematic Orchestral Crossover that Builds and Builds. Epic, Urgent, Dangerous, Perilous, Escape, Battle, Aggression etc. Powerful & Thrilling.
The Massive Cinematic Action Cue
The Pounder of Pounders. Epic, Intense, Orchestral Crossover with dynamic release points that let you think everything is ok; but really it isn't and the pounding comes back to pound you more.
Awaiting The Onslaught
OMG-this is the Epic to End All Epics. Monstrously Huge Cinematic Orchestral Cut with an end of the world choir. Dynamic and building, Ideal Trailer Music, or underscore to something really massive. Yikes! We get scared just listening to it!
Dramatic Adventure
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Thrilling, Pounding, Pulsing, Dramatic Adventure Underscore. Danger, Peril, Insane Levels of Tension etc. Orchestral/Electronic Hybrid. Very Cinematic. Three mix options.
Epic Cinematic Doom
Yikes! We get scared just listening to this thing- Big! Huge! Epic! Intense! Somebody's on the March and they're coming for you. Be warned.
Epic Sword, Sandal, And Sorceror
Epic, Building, Driving Orchestral Monster. Suspense, Tension, Battles, Wizards sending lightning bolts out of their fingers etc..
Roman Slaughterhouse
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3 Alt Mix 4
Epic Orchestral Battle Underscore. Monstrous Drums, Strings and Brass combine to form a building and dangerous behemoth of a cue. Be sure to check out to various mixes, there are great alternate textures to be found in them.
Building Epic Triumph
Massive and Epic Cinematic Orchestral Cue. Turmoil between Superheroes, Battles For Control Of The Universe, Trailers of Doom etc.
Epic Film Trailer
Bring on the hordes of...whatever-this will work! Huge and powerful monster cue that fuses driving Ethnic Percussion and Orchestra. An OML Favorite!
Outlasting The Competition
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Ultra Aggressive Electro-Rocker perfect for Ass Kicking, Watching Rhonda Rousey killing Holly Holm, Struggling to win etc. Very Angry and intense.
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