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It's Heartwarmingly Ambient! For your gentle and unobtrusive underscore needs, with a tone of love and care. Exhalation wants to be your best friend.
Lucid Meditations
Welcome To Lucid Meditations. Please lie back and relax. Enter into a world of Peace and Tranquility. Hands at your sides please and do not cross your feet. This is your time. Just lay back and relax. Om.
Memoria 1
Deeply emotional piano with a stark and impressionistic feel. Subtle guitar looping supports the texture. Open, spacious, cinematic. This one telegraphs interior ruminations and veers between darker and lighter, ending on a positive tone.
Space Relations
Meditative piano and looping electric guitar with percussion accents.
Spirit Guide
Lush Synth Textures
Dreamy, Lush and Tranquil Processed Piano & Guitar. Rich and textural, great for nature footage, anything having to do with Yoga, New Age, meditation etc.
Deeply emotional acoustic piano and looped acoustic guitar in a poignant and heart wrenching meditation.
Dynamically building looped acoustic piano and guitar creating a sense of forward motion and flight.
Lush Meditations
Peaceful and Dreamy New Age Ambient cut. Simple and Warm synth textures with a meditative and hypnotic feel. You're feeling a need to Astral Project aren't you?
Gentle and Exotic New Age cut. Hints of World beat Percussion make this Ideal for spiritual awakenings in The Gobi Desert Etc.
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