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Bright Sparkle
Charming and Whimsical Orchestral Cinematic Cue with a sense of energy and motion. Bicycles, Nice Neighborhoods, Panoramas of pleasant things etc.
Copland And The Big Picture
Grand, Swelling, Inspirational Orchestral Cinematica with a playful streak. Images of a big and powerful America that recall Aaron Copland and George Gershwin. A Fabulous cue.
Family Action
Spectacular, Cinematic Orchestral Quirk. Thomas Newman could not have done it any better. Think Spielberg, Disney-Like Faux neighborhoods with smiling kids, opening expositions etc.
Whimsical Cinematic Cue Ala Disney, Elfman, etc. from the Fabulous Fred Emory Smith.
Cinematic Question Marks
Imagine it's 1947 and Esther Williams is emerging from a Giant Clamshell in a huge swimming pool while flanked by 100 Body Builders...It's like that.
Dancing Lessons
Charming and Quirky Orchestral Cue that straddles the line between Spielberg-Like Happy Neighborhood Underscore and Friendly Corporate Widget Advert.
Decisions Decisions
Fantastic, Building and developing Orchestral cut that starts off like a Verizon Commercial then morphs into a Cinematic Extravaganza. Uplifting, Triumphant, Inspirational, etc...
Sideshow Weirdo
Wacky, Zany, Madcap, Orchestral cue. Cartoons, Animations, getting trapped on the conveyor belt, Loony circus music with weird clowns. Spectacularly Orchestrated and arranged. Check out more of Enrique's work-he's great!
Your Cinematic Christmas
Miracle on Production Music Street: A High Quality bit of Xmas Underscore that telegraphs those halcyon days when Trans Fats were a key component of the Holiday meal and Drunken Sleigh Driving was encouraged.
Hollywood Goofballs
LOVE this one! Kooky, Madcap, Wacky Orchestral cue that makes us think of Laurel & Hardy and 1950's Hollywood comedies starring Tony Randall or Jerry Lewis. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
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