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Surf Madness
Wild, Dick Dale style Surf Track with a lot of Crazy included. It's over the top, but we like it that way.
Surf Party
Ray Bans and Black turtlenecks, sidekicks named Ilya, and a plan to defeat the evil forces of Doctor someone or other. 60s surf-rock meets the staccato rhythms of the Flamenco. Ai Yi Yi!!!!
Middle Eastern Surf
Funky Surf Groove with Slinky Sax.
Surfing Margarita
60's surf meets spaghetti western and gives birth to dramatic groove child. Driving your '67 Dodge charger and pressing the secret dashboard button that reveals your hidden rocket guns.
Red Flag
Tough, Minor Key Surf Rocker with a Heavy Back Beat. This is hard core dude, ain't no Gidget in sight; we think she drowned while the Lifeguards were beating the crap out of the beatniks.
Surfer Ghost
Cool, Dark,and Mysterious Slow Surf Shuffle. Link Wray goes to Twin Peaks. David Lynch would have a field day with this. Far Out.
Spaghetti Surfer
Hey Producer! (Yes we mean you) Wait for the intro to finish before you move on - this one kicks beach butt. A barn-burning surf track featuring kooky Theremin and out of control bongos. Crazy man crazy!
Thunder Cloud
A reverb drenched 60s surf anthem. This track opens with a mysterious intro and flames out in an outro solo of furious tremolo picking. As with all good things, one must wait a few bars for the craziness to ensue.
Tropic of Surfricorn
A sunny, breezy, surfy bit of Latin exotica.
Retro Surf Blues
Raw, garage surf with a live sound. A little rough around the edges, but you like that.
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