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Dark Mind
Pounding and Pulsing Tension/Suspense Cue. Orchestral/Electronic Hybrid.This one has a monstrous creepy string rise at the end. Great Cut.
Epic Emotional Turmoil
Internal Tension on a grand scale. Mystery, Remote Feelings, Loneliness with discomfort etc.
Epic Sword, Sandal, And Sorceror
Epic, Building, Driving Orchestral Monster. Suspense, Tension, Battles, Wizards sending lightning bolts out of their fingers etc..
Suburban Dumb Dumb
An amazing cut, great writing, great orchestrating. Mischievous and Sneaky Cinematica perfect for underscoring people about to get themselves in trouble.
Anticipating Sneakiness
Sneaky, Mischievous, Mysterious Cinematic Orchestral Cut. Something's about to happen. Light and Airy with a touch of BBC Mystery.
Controlled Orchestral Drama
Steady Orchestral Drama. This one has a fairly steady level of light Mystery and Suspense. Miss Marple has uncovered something rotten in Nottinghampshire Village and must covertly remove a valued Tea Cozy from The Manor House.
Epic Searching
Epic, Building, Suspense Cinematica featuring a sweeping Orchestra with all kinds of Flourishing things that will enhance that sense of "Uh-Oh, what now?" Spectacular writing from Enrique Molano- We love this guy-you will too.
Epic Showdown
Clint Eastwood and Ennio Morricone go into a bar, but seriously folks.... This is a ramped up, "two gunfighters in the center of town someone is gonna die thing" with requisite lonely female vox on top.
Eye Of Newt
Swirling, Epic, Creepy Cinematica. Walt Disney and Pixar converge upon unsuspecting children with amorphous pseudo anime creatures and Happy Meal sales go through the roof.
Fear Will Come To You
Building, Creepy Orchestral Underscore. "It Breathes, It Moves, It's Alive I tell You-ALIVE!!!!" Don't get too close to this cue; it may eat you.
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