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What is "Edgy" you may ask? We would answer quite simply: "This". Your adrenal glands are on steroids driving a Porsche. Ideal for kinetic montage and entering the Hyper Borealis.
Dub Explosion
What's your Jam bro? Pumping Dubstep track with swirling, ecstatic synth lines and groovy processed vocal injections. There's an INSANE build midway through that will keep even the most jaded editor happy.
Bouncy, Electro 2 Step. Kind of Funky and Robotic at the same time.
K Hole
Whap Whap Whap URRRRRRR. Robotic Dub Step cut with a wet and pulsing feel. This one has an automated thing going on that will telegraph well to factories, industry, conveyor belts etc..
Edgy Electronic cut with a Tough Guy attitude. This one Skews more Sports and aggression than techno/Fashion, although if you have a particularly aggressive photo shoot happening, this could be the ticket.
Pulsing, Forward Moving, Electronic Aggression Cue. Great Sports underscore.
Club Royalty
Electro House Rocker, Steady and Controlled with a Skrillex feel.
Go Skrill Yourself
Pounding Dubstep: Go get a case of Redbull and jump around.
Inversion Aversion
Ultra Powerful and Aggressive, Driving, Electro cue. Sports, Tension, Bombs, Explosives, Things blowing Up, Guys beating the crap out fo each other etc.
Deliberate, Tense, Pulsing, Aggressive Electro Cut. Tension, Angry Sports guys mashing each other into hummous etc..
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