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Bittersweet solo version of the classic. Ideal for Medieval Imagery and ancient Christmas settings.
Mandola Jig
Terrific Celtic Jig that can work as underscore for the Bar Fight at McGillihooley's Ale House as well a the Pheasant Eating Sequence at Castle Dumbunny.
Dragon Swatting
Shall We Behead Them Khaleesi? Get you Game Of Thrones on with this Celtic, Medieval, Fantasy, Dungeons and...well you get the idea....
Medieval Romance
The image is: Youth at Bay in fields of gold circa 1532. Celtic Harp and Penny Whistle underscores their quiet rovings.
Quiet Chamber
Intimate and secretive Celtic Harp.
Gentle Nature
Wow-this is a gorgeous cut. Gentle Nylon Guitar and Oboe that will work beautifully as Tranquil Outdoor Underscore or a Medieval, Renaissance Idyllic kind of thing.
Coy Mistress
Dulcimer like rendering on a Celtic Harp. Lovely and deeply evocative of Historical Western Europe. Also works as contemporary New Age cut.
The Introspective Celt
Deep and thoughtful Solo Classical Guitar with a Celtic or Medieval feel. Quiet moments in the chamber, reflecting prior to a beheading etc.
Newton And The Flask
Dreamy and introspective waltz with a moody Celtic feel. We suspect there may emotional turmoil at Balmoral.
Swaying Celtic Harp that evokes images of moving water.
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