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Eleven Zone
Bright and Edgy Power Pop with a Punky undertone. Upbeat and Happy.
Your Day Is Green
In your face Punky raver with a Green Day feel- that's why it's called YOUR DAY IS GREEN" Get it? We're clever like that. Good for general Chaos, Sports etc.
Frat Boyz In White Stripes
Hard Edge Alternative Punk with slide guitar. Brian May sits in with the Sex Pistols.
Punk Love In A Hurry
Shuffling, Tough, Loose Medium-Slow Punk Rocker with a Nasty and Dark Attitude (is there any other?). Good Underscore for Cruising the Back Alleys of Glasgow and laying A Beatdown on someone.
Bowery Boys
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2 Alt Mix 3 Alt Mix 4 Alt Mix 5
Punky, back beat rocker with a tough guy attitude. Good for bar fights and diving into empty swimming pools.
Hyper Punk
You want tough driving rock with builds and hits and that whole "I WILL SMACK YOU" thing? Of course you do. You've got great musical insight and you need something that KICKS ASS. So let's cut to the chase: Here it is.
Little Miss Toughie
Driving, Punky, Corporate Rave up with lots of chunka chunka and get psyched moments. "DUDE, UP HIGH YO"
We Want New Pants
Imagine a bunch of wound up kids jumping on mattresses and throwing their schoolbooks at you because you wouldn't take them to Target and now they're going to look really douche-y.
Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Don't tell him what he can't do! He's been living in a Log Cabin! He'll wash when he feels like it man! Pounding, maniacal, Metal cruncher.
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Driving, Punky Rocker with an Attitude. This one is kind of cocky and nervy and appropriate for kids who are a bit too full of themselves etc.. Mix out with no synth available as well.
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