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Beatrice Does The Jerk
Wacky, 60's, Quasi-Mambo groove. Benny Hill is chasing you around the Lawn at 64 Frames Per Sec.
Mayhem In The Garage
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Playful and Hyper Electro Rocker. Motion, Energy, Activity, Sped Up Video, general craziness. Cool Mixouts as well.
Back At It
Quirky Hip Hop that can do double duty as Light Reality Underscore or Biz/Tech presentation bed.
Fun, Kooky, Electronica Ideal for Video Games, Kids, Reality craziness etc.
Hollywood Goofballs
LOVE this one! Kooky, Madcap, Wacky Orchestral cue that makes us think of Laurel & Hardy and 1950's Hollywood comedies starring Tony Randall or Jerry Lewis. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
Jack In The Box
Oh you nutty wacky kooky pants you. You need this kiddie friendly quirkiness loaded with Glockenspiels, accordion and nutty snare drum. In Waltz time no less!
No No Rudolpho
Over The Top Orchestral Underscore that starts off Moody And Mysterious, BUT WAIT!!!!!!!! Rudolpho enters and Passions run Amok amidst The Chippendales (The furniture, not the Strippers).
Sneaky Cinematica
Funny and Whimsical Cartoon Cinematica. Bugs Bunny doing something naughty, Steven Spielberg doing a charming exposition shot of an imaginary neighborhood etc.
Detective For Hire
This one has a smokey and quirky atmosphere that reminds us of those private eye agencies from the '50's. Kind of quirky and a little off kilter wil work well for underscoring dumb guys in dumb situations.
Hop The Waltz
Quirky Hybrid of European Accordion Waltz and Straight Out Urban Pop.
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