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Pulsing, Electro-Tension Cue with a Dark and gritty character. Crime, Uneasiness, etc.
Industrial Park
Harsh, metallic, Industrial cut good for barren landscapes, burned out inner cities, stressed detectives, and extremely tense pharmaceutical presentations.
Unusual Blend of Electronica and Tension with a little bit of Lo-Fi noise mixed in. This one is Dark and uncomfortable-good for unpleasant topics.
Humans For Lunch
Pulsing and percolating Electronica ideal for any kind of Scientific, Chemical, Industrial, Machine-Like Automation, Conveyor Belts and Product Manufacturing. Also effective for any variety of Nerd Underscore.
This Robot Dances
Androids are people too; they like to cut a rug every now and then. Take this guy for instance, he's doing the Funky Robot. Filtered synth and percussion with a subtle toe tapping groove.
Fourth Dimensional Mind Meld
You want to mate with particle six, but particle seven is really getting his magnetic orbit together. You're going elliptical man, this quantum thing is really getting to you. Industrial Electronica with a healthy dose of Alien Death Ray.
Ritual Calculating
Quirky Electronica with a sort of Doofy aspect. This cut will work well for the technologically challenged attempting to solve problems without any success.
This House Will Eat You
Really weird sonic pastiche that still manages to groove. Theremin-like whistle behind clockwork groove. There's a sense of ticking, impending doom within a druggy wilderness of mental stress...and you thought you were having a bad day.
Chaos Theory
Edgy, Harsh, kind of irritating Industrial Electronica. Bursts of Isotopes encircling the phosphene interior of an android's heart.
Eight Bits Of Love
Bizarre, shuffling electronica with bursts of additional scientific sonic. When you need to present about filament options, this is your move.
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