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Sex U Down
Sophisticated medium hip-hop with a neo-soul vibe.
Sirens Of Saturn
Get out your silver lame cat suit and blast off to unknown worlds in this retro masterpiece. Airy female vocals over swirling harp morph into a funky 60's feel with groovy brass lines. You may want to pack Go-Go Boots as well.
Commuters In Transit
Chilled Out Electronica perfect for Contemporary Advertising. Sophisticated, Dreamy and Wistful, like that car you want.
Dreamy And Funky Chill Electronica with a Bollywood Feel.
Just Chill Out
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy, Laid back chill out cue with a relaxed and dreamy feel. Piano and guitar mesh with electronic elements on the full mix. The Organic mix has more of a smooth jazz feel. Great gentle underscore for beds and beauty shots of all kinds.
Sexy, Trippy, Dreamy, Chill Electronica. Very Cool and Laid Back.
A Darker Whimsy
Burt Bacharach with Valium and a single olive. Don Draper is gazing into your eyes.
Every Time I Hear You Call
Really cool Moody Electronica. This one grooves and has a Slinky, Sexy Vibe to it.
Sexy Chill Out Electronica with a funky feel that builds and develops as it goes. Very Cool tune.
Mumbai Express
Pulsing and Driving Electronica/Indian Hybrid. This one grooves like mad and will work great for Fashion & Style. All kinds of Indian Percussion and lute mix with Electronic Textures.
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