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Joyful Inspiration
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Von is a master of the melodic hook. Inspirational, slightly wistful Smooth Jazz cut featuring Alto Sax. Simply beautiful, and an OML Favorite.
Jumpy Jump
Happy, Corporate Lifestyles Groover featuring Electric Piano. Imagine Ina Garten and her special friends setting the table to look like the HMS Queen Elizabeth 2. Loosen your cravat and please do enjoy the Campari Orange Spritzers.
Brazilian Sun
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
How do we love this cue? Let us count the ways. The stellar grooves of Von Baron coupled with an absolutely infectious hook. Beautiful, soaring, World Fusion.
Just Chill Out
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Sexy, Laid back chill out cue with a relaxed and dreamy feel. Piano and guitar mesh with electronic elements on the full mix. The Organic mix has more of a smooth jazz feel. Great gentle underscore for beds and beauty shots of all kinds.
Carlos And Me
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Super melodic and joyful Latin jazz/pop with a Santana feel. Oh and it has like the most perfect guitar solo ever recorded.
House Of Groove
Main Mix Alt Mix 1 Alt Mix 2
Studio 54 meets Smooth Jazz and lives happily ever after in the House Of Groove. You're cool and comfortable, and have a slight Retro Disco thing going on. Everyone likes your shoes.
Extremely Hip Groove Driven Electronic cue with very funky guitar on top. This one straddles between Funk and Smooth Jazz. One might say it has an attitude.
Chilling In The Lounge
Groovy fusion of Smooth Jazz and World Beat. There's a sort of 70's disco thing going on as well as a care free, cruising with the top down attitude. Great for positive presentations
Collins Avenue
Cruising, beaching, clubbing, drinking, ignoring restrictions etc.. Bright, Latin tinged cut featuring extraordinary guitar work from Chieli Minucci. Perfect for late night programming or any kind of entertainment or fashion theme.
In The Sky
Grooving Electronica with a Funky, Smooth Jazz underpinning. Great, relaxed Lifestyles Cue.
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