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House Rocket
Swirling, Building Electro House track with a tough underbelly. This one has lots of Squeezy things going on that telegraph Science and Future. Good for dDancing Robots.
Kai's Beat Machines
Kai loves to turn the knobs on his synths and move the sliders. Only top volume will be tolerated und Dusseldorf must remain awake all night. Das is Techno! Das is Gutt!
Uptown Party
Get your party on with this funky horn-laden upbeat track in the style of Bruno Mars which is actually in the style of The Time and Prince.
A Lister
Have we told you lately how great you look? Of course we have. How could we not, look at you, you're amazing. Driving and Ecstatic Dance Pop; think Flo Rida, Pit Bull etc..
Limousine Escape
Super high energy uptempo Techno cut Ideal for Fashion, Night Life, Style etc.. Grab your Crystal and go you fabulous thing you.
A Good Start
Nice Combo of driving, Pulsing Electro pop and Uplifting Motivational Cue. Positive and Powerful.
Eager Beaver
Percolating Synthpop. Dance, Techno, Electro, Fashion, Catwalk, Nightlife, strangely colored Liquors and Spirits etc.
Driving, Pulsing, Electro Dance Cut-Nice Dynamic Breakdown in Middle. Ideal for Fashion, Style, Entertainment, Hip Lifestyle etc.
Lights In The Woods
Very catchy Techno Dance Pop.
Psy Borg
Hey Sexy Lady. You looking for me? I thought so. Rubbery Dance Pop with that whole Gangnam Style thing happening.
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