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Driving and Intense Salsa with a Sexy and Dangerous quality. Great Cue.
The Great Wall
Extremely cool Asian track with nifty percussion accents and exotic gongs. You're a stranger in a strange world considering whether or not to eat the chicken feet etc..
Amazing World
You ARE the Lion King! Sweeping, soaring, panoramic, God is your Co-Pilot and digs World Beat. Perfect World News cue. An Inspired masterwork featuring Larry Salzmann & Chieli Minucci.
Epic Film Trailer
Bring on the hordes of...whatever-this will work! Huge and powerful monster cue that fuses driving Ethnic Percussion and Orchestra. An OML Favorite!
Indian Journey
Sparse Sitar track ideal for Curries, Vindaloo and other Psychogenics. Dude.
Purple Sky
Gorgeous and Lush Ambient and Delay Textures. Mountains, Flying, Birds, Sky, Sunrise, Awe-Inspiring Moments, Floating and Gentle Motion.
Reggae Groove
Main Mix Alt Mix 1
Friendly Reggae cue with a hint of Romance. It's Love on the Cruise Ship as Herman from Des Moines meets his Ideal woman in front of the Fruit Sculpture.
Tabla Mistick
The Tabla and Drone signal it is time for your papadum. Rajnesh brings the Vindaloo and you sink back into a Tandoori induced food coma. Feed your bliss my friend.
I Am A Film Trailer
BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST - if we could increase the font size we would. Here is your Epic Trailer music with all appropriate elements, including dynamic breakdowns with that lone woman in a burka screaming about something or other.
Looking Back
A poignant ambient cue with elements of gentle inspiration. Unusual cut combining electric and upright bass. Good for reviewing things in a subtle manner.
Untitled Document
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